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Process equipment
LESER: safety valves

REMBE: rupture discs, structural explosion protection

RITAG: check valves and dampers
Industrial automatization
WENGLOR: optical sensors, safety curtains.

RECHNER: capacity and inductive switches

MICROSONIC: ultrasonic sensors

Drive technology
R+W: precise and safety couplings

BERGES: variation pulleys and closed asembly units

CMD: mechanical power transmissions and couplings
SPECK PUMPEN: Centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, peripheral pumps, pump units

YAMADA:Diaphragm pumps

SPECK TRIPLEX:High pressure pumps
Measuring equipment
KOBOLD: levl switches, opacimeters, temperature switches, flow meters, manometers

ASM: magnetic angle measurement sensors, systems for measuring machinery stop times

UWT: level switches, electromechanical level meters, radar level meters
Protection at work

Product range includes: different eye washes, different eye wash stations, plaster dispensers, plasters, eye wash ampoules, different sizes storage unit for storing protective gear...

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Liquid paint markers

Permanent ink markers

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Our advantages

  • More then 30 years of experience

    More then 30 years of experience

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  • Wide range of products

    Wide range of products

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    Technical support and consultancy

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    Spare parts, installation, service, consultancy, supervision, education