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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

General terms and condition of the website sensor.si are prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2) and international codes for e-commerce.

The website sensor.si is operated by SENSOR d.o.o.. The company is entered in the following registers AJPES, DURS and is identified for VAT . The company is registered to carry out sales via the Internet at AJPES.

Registeration at purchase is not required.

General terms and conditions concern the operation of sensor.si, user rights and the protection of personal data of the buyer.

Accessibility of Information (summary of legislation)

We are committed to always provide the following information to the customer:
- identity of the company (name and place of business, register number)
- contact information, which enables fast and efficient communication (e-mail, phone)
- essential characteristics of goods or services,
- availability of products (each product or service that is offered on the site should be available within a reasonable period of time)
- terms of delivery of products or performance of services (mode, place and time of delivery)
- all prices must be clearly and unambiguously defined and it must be clear whether they contain taxes and transport costs,
- payment method and shipping,
- validity of the offer,
- period within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and conditions for withdrawal; In addition, also on whether and how much it costs the buyer to return the item,
- an explanation of the appeal process, including all the information on the contact person or department for contacts with customers.

Payment methods

The provider offers the following methods of payment:
- Cash on delivery (COD, valid only for Slovenia and Croatia)
- by transfer to the account  of SENSOR d.o.o. (Pro forma invoice)

Our bank account: SI56 0400 1004 9680 382

We issue an invoice on a durable medium, with a breakdown of costs.

Purchase agreement (Purchase order) is electronically stored at the company SENSOR d.o.o.. The buyer may require a re-print of the agreement so as to apply it to the following address: shop@sensor.si. We will resend the buyer the agreement (Purchase order) in the desired way - via e-mail or by regular mail.


All prices show price with and without the included VAT. Prices are valid at the time of order placement and do not have a predetermined validity.
Prices are valid in the case of payment by the above methods and under the above mentioned conditions.

The purchase process

Ordering goods: The buyer selects the desired product and then clicks on the "add to cart". Immediately after the product has been added to the cart, it is also visible in the cart. Here, the buyer can in the event that the selected product does not comply with its requirements, click on the "Remove" button and the product will be removed from the basket.
Also, the buyer can proceed with the purchase by clicking on "continue shopping" button.

When the customer selects the products that he would like to order, he has to fill in a table under the basket with data and delivery address and confirms the order by clicking on the "Order" button. From the moment the buyer confirms the order by clicking "Order" changing of the order via the website is no longer possible.

Order processing: After the placing the order, the customer receives an e-mail notification that the order is processed. Any changes or cancellation of orders can be made within 3 (three) hours from confirmation of the order on the web on the contact e-mail address: shop@sensor.si.

Dispatch: sensor.si prepares and dispatches the goods within the agreed time.

The right to withdraw from the purchase, return of goods

The consumer has the right to withdraw from the order within 14 days of receipt of goods. The consumer has to notify the company via e-mail address shop@sensor.si about his decision without being required to provide a reason for his decision.

The only cost to the consumer in connection with the cancellation of the contract, are the costs of returning the goods. Goods must be returned within 30 days of the filed notice of withdrawal from the contract (purchase).

Received goods must be returned intact and unchanged, unless the goods are damaged without the fault of the consumer.

Refund of the payments will be made as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days from the receipt of the notification of withdrawal. We perform a refund to the bank account of the buyer.


Sensor.si will send the goods in stock via the contractual partner in time of 3-5 working days. In the event that the goods are not in stock, the delivery time is around two to three weeks.
The contract partners for the delivery of items are Post of Slovenia or DPD, but the provider reserves the right to choose another delivery service, if the order.

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